Mei-Chun Cheng (Nina), 鄭梅君, Ph.D.

Principle Investigator

Dr. Cheng, Mei-Chun (鄭梅君) received her B.S. degree in Life Sciences, her M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Plant Biology from National Taiwan University. Her research mainly focused on the regulation and degradation of ERF transcription factors in Arabidopsis. She also studied the translational regulation under stresses and the translation machinery in plants. In 2017, she went to UT Austin and worked as a post-doc in Dr. Enamul Huq Lab. She studied the molecular basis of light responses as well as the light-mediated translational regulation in plants. In 2019, her proposed project entitled “Identifying translational regulatory network and proteomes analyses of light-stress signaling crosstalk in plants” was awarded the Young Scholar Fellowship (Einstein Project).


Linchen Huang, 黃琳禎 (MS from Department of Biochemical Science and Technology, NTU)

Research Assistant


Yang Hsu, 許揚 (MS from Department of Molecular Biology, NCHU)
Research Assistant


Tzubin Huang, 黃梓斌 (BS from Department of Biochemical Science and Technology, CMU)

​Master student

Wen-Chi Lin, 林雯琪 (BS from Department of Biochemical Science and Technology, NCYU)

​Master student


Hui-Hsien Chang, 張卉仙 (BS from Department of Life Science, NCHU)

​Master student


Chia-Hong Tang, 唐嘉鴻 (BS from Department of Microbiology, SCU)
​Master student


Wei Lin, 林緯 (Department of Biochemical Science and Technology, NTU)

​Undergraduate student